Ahmed Rezk



As an experienced Product Manager, I bring a comprehensive background encompassing roles as a project manager and Automation Business Analyst professional. My wealth of expertise lies in leading the development of dynamic mobile and web-based enterprise projects. I have a proven track record of successfully managing software projects with budgets exceeding one million dollars, underpinned by a robust technical skill set, with a particular strength in Java for Android platforms, and a deep proficiency in Agile methodologies.


  • Birthday: 1 March 1992
  • Website: www.ahmed-rezk.com
  • Phone: +201101100029
  • City: Mansoura, Egypt
  • Age: 31
  • Degree: Bachelor's in Computer Science
  • Email: me@ahmed-rezk.com
  • Resume:Download


Agile 100%
MS Project 90%
Scrum 95%
Android Studio 75%
SAFe for Teams 85%
Team Leading 95%
Facilitation and Coaching 90%
Analytical Skills 95%
Adaptive Learner 90%
Azure 85%
Problem Solving 95%
Presentation Skills 90%



Ahmed Rezk

As an experienced Product Manager with a background in software engineering, I have transitioned into a role specializing in project management. I bring extensive expertise in overseeing all phases of the development cycle, particularly for dynamic mobile and web-based enterprise projects. I possess a strong command of Android development using Java and am well-versed in Agile ceremonies. My track record includes successful management of multiple software projects, some of which exceeded budgets of over 1 million dollars.


Information Technology Institute

2017 - 2018

Mansoura Branch, Egypt

Open Source 9 Month Program

Bachelor of Computer And Information Technology

2010 - 2014

Mansoura University, Egypt

Specialized in Information Technology







Co-Founder | Na7la

Aug 2020 - Apr 2021
  • Spearheading an outsourced UI/UX team to design and develop visually appealing and functional user interfaces.
  • Leading cross-functional teams of backend, frontend, and iOS developers, implementing Agile methodologies to ensure efficient collaboration and iterative development.
  • Leveraging Java and Android technologies to successfully develop and deliver Na7la's Android Application.
  • Collaborating closely with QA teams to prepare robust test cases and workflow scenarios, ensuring the delivery of high-quality software product.


SAFe® 5 Practitioner.

Introduction to Software Product Management.

Google Project Management.

EF SET Certificate™ in English.

Professional Experience

Product Manager - _VOIS , Cairo

AUG 2023 - Present

Cairo, Egypt

  • Evo Tool: Led requirement gathering, planning on Azure, design process alignment with requirements, and facilitated communication between development teams and stakeholders.
  • Ticket Routing: Oversaw planning, coordinated with development and DevOps teams, and managed stakeholder communication for enhancements delivery.
  • CPVU: Directed the Go-live strategy, ensuring seamless communication and coordination across departments for production management.
  • _VOIS Hackathon: Managed speaker arrangements and fostered communication between teams and coaches, contributing to a successful event.

Automation Business Analyst - _VOIS , Cairo

DEC 2022 - Present

Cairo, Egypt

  • Collaborated with Vodafone Italy on Site Down Management, taking a lead role in requirements analysis.
  • Identified opportunities to introduce automation within the RAN Squad Team.
  • Forged a close partnership with solution architects to comprehend and automate previously manual processes.
  • Conducted thorough analysis of Site-in/out and cell lock/unlock procedures for a digital field project, with the aim of streamlining and automating these processes for the NOC team.
  • I closely collaborated with the vendors to facilitate the transition from JIRA to ADO, both working on the project and overseeing its management.

IT Project Manager - EFG Hermes, Cairo

June 2021 – AUG 2022

Cairo, Egypt

  • Guiding a proficient team in the development of applications using .Net technology.
  • Successfully implementing both Waterfall and Agile/Scrum Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies to adapt to project needs.
  • Creating a User Story/Use Case template for comprehensive documentation.
  • Cultivating robust relationships with business and IT leaders, fostering long-term partnerships between teams.
  • Skillfully orchestrating essential meetings, including backlog grooming, daily scrums, sprint planning, demos, and retrospective meetings.
  • Maintaining vigilant oversight to ensure project alignment with established timelines and objectives.
  • Expertly managing intricate projects related to the SDLC of multiple software products, adhering to PMO Governance processes.

Software Engineer [Mobile] – SobekIT

May 2018 – April 2020

Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Designed and implemented a Leave system that streamlined employee leave management, reducing costs and time for both employees and the HR department.
  • Engineered an Attendance system that resulted in a 30% cost reduction for the company by utilizing Kadas technology.
  • Developed a Chatting system that enhanced communication efficiency between managers and employees.
  • Created a Notification system, enabling managers to effectively announce important events.
  • Facilitated key meetings, including backlog grooming, daily scrums, sprint planning, demos, and retrospective meetings.
  • Managed cross-functional teams from Egypt and India, collaborating closely to establish three critical systems: Kadas, Magio Customer, and Magio Agent.